#12 L’Oréal : creating office spaces that are great to work in


Workplace well-being takes pride of place in L’Oréal’s new buildings

The RIO building is the L’Oréal Group’s exotically named brand new location. Jean-Michel Duffieux, Real Estate Project Director, who was in charge of planning the new facility, talks about creating spaces that bring the best out of people.


What will the offices of tomorrow look like?

Emmanuelle Duez, the founder of The Boson Project, an organisation that is helping French businesses to get a better handle on the expectations of their young employees, takes us on a tour of tomorrow’s office.


Workplace quality of life: anchoring L’Oréal’s HR strategy

Bertrand de Senneville, Senior Global VP HR Social Relations at the L’Oréal Group, has made workplace quality of life (WQL) a top priority and wants people to feel fulfilled in their jobs. In this conversation, he tells us about his … Continue reading Workplace quality of life: anchoring L’Oréal’s HR strategy

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