How the number-one luxury beauty brand is championing female literacy

In Action

Lancôme and CARE team up to deliver a literacy programme to 5,000 Maya women

Lancôme and international humanitarian organisation CARE recently launched a literacy programme for Maya women in Guatemala. Philippe Lévêque, CEO of CARE France, tells us what the partners are doing in Central America.


Championing female literacy as a way to boost GDP and reduce inequality

Two out of every three illiterate people today are women*. Anna Robinson-Pant, Professor of Education at the University of East Anglia’s School of Education & Lifelong Learning, tells us more about the links between illiteracy and poverty, and what can be done.


Write Her Future: Lancôme’s war on illiteracy

Lancôme has teamed up with CARE to launch Write Her Future, a multi-country programme that aims to combat illiteracy among girls. Françoise Lehmann, Chair of Lancôme International, explains why the brand is taking on this initiative.