Garnier: committed to natural and effective beauty

In Action

Skin Active: creating an effective skincare range using 96% natural ingredients

As the head of Garnier’s skincare labs, Florence L’Alloret worked for over two years to design and refine Skin Active, a totally new range of skincare products comprising 96% natural ingredients. A few months on from the launch, she tells us how she and her team managed this incredible achievement.


Consumer demand for naturals speaks to a profound trend within our society

Chair and co-founder of consulting firm ObSoCo (in France, the Observatory of Society and Consumption) Nathalie Damery, who holds post-graduate qualifications in political science and philosophy, has spent years analysing the changes taking place in society, commerce and consumer models. As the growing consumer obsession for natural products turns these models upside down, she shares her views on this trend.


Garnier sets its sights on being the world number-one in natural beauty

Garnier, L’Oréal Group’s number-two brand and the third-ranked beauty brand worldwide, has been providing millions of consumers with hair and skincare products for over a century. Garnier Global General Manager Delphine Viguier outlines her strategy for turning the brand into the world leader in natural, sustainable and responsible beauty.