SPOT: L’Oréal’s environmental and social assessment tool is a breakthrough for the cosmetics industry

In Action

SPOT the difference: enhancing Aqualia Thermal’s CSR performances

How do you go about improving the biodegradability and packaging of a cosmetic industry bestseller? Vichy successfully used L’Oréal’s sustainable product optimisation tool (SPOT) to enhance the social and environmental impact of Aqualia Thermal, a hydration cream. Elisa Simonpietri and Julien Prince, Vichy’s International Scientific Director and Technical Development Director respectively, tell us more.


How can companies be CSR innovators?

Consulting firm Quantis France helps multinational firms navigate their environmental transition and is partnering L’Oréal on multiple projects. CEO Dimitri Caudrelier explains what companies need to do to change the game and why it’s in their interest to act quickly.


SPOT: a unique tool that allows L’Oréal to measure improvements in product performances

How do you calculate a product’s environmental and social impact? Laurent Gilbert, Director of Sustainable Innovation at L’Oréal Research, explains how a cross-disciplinary team came up with SPOT. The tool, which is designed to monitor and optimise new Group products, is the only one of its kind in the consumer products industry.